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Our editing is focused on enabling you to convey your message in your own style. We help you fashion what you've written so it is uniquely yours: your thoughts, your personality.  We believe that makes for the most persuasive writing, whether you are putting together a press release, a blog post or a website. You are unique, and everything you present to readers should show that. 


How do we do that?

Our process is simple but effective. We look at what you have written in the past to determine your style so that whatever we edit will remain in your voice. If you haven’t written anything in the past, we will discuss what your goals are to figure out the best writing style for your voice and purpose. You may want a formal tone, or a casual, breezy one. Your personality may best be conveyed with simple everyday language. A more official  style may be called for due to the seriousness of your information and message.

The challenge we set for ourselves is to edit your writing in such a way that you would believe the entire edited text came from your fingertips.

Our ultimate goal is captured in our mission statement: Your Goals, Your Style, Your Message.

To find out how Rule Communications can help you turn your thoughts into a solid message, please contact us for a free consultation.


“Just figured I'd let you know my story The Prototypical Soldier was published recently by Aphelion Magazine. I took your advice and rearranged the story based on your suggestions. Thanks for the input.”

R.L. Schumacher
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