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We can help you and your team communicate ideas verbally with greater clarity and precision, both in-house and with the public. We help hone the words of your speech and work on the actual presentations to make them as convincing and persuasive as possible. Our services help both individuals and teams improve their speaking, speechmaking and presentation skills.

We offer two levels of service:

1)  Workshops that teach the basics of doing a public presentation, including:

  • How to handle nervousness and anxiety

  • How to prepare the written portion of the presentation, including slides

  • How to become more effective with PowerPoint

  • How to maintain composure during Q&A

  • How to keep the audience engaged

  •  How to be persuasive with your voice, movements and words

  • How to use rhetorical devices for more impact.

2)  Individual lessons that include the above plus:

  • How to determine each presentation’s goal

  • How best to use your individual voice

  • How best to use your appearance

  • Evaluation and feedback of the presentation’s text

Personalized feedback from practice sessions​

To find out how Rule Communications can help you and your team become more effective speakers and presenters, please contact us for a free consultation.


“It is rare to find such a standout talent in all aspects of communication such as Bruce. His ability to craft and deliver a speech is only outdone by his ability to
provide insightful critiques and improvements. Bruce leads by example, that example is excellence in
communication. Any team would be lucky to have Bruce on board.”

Louis Bonanno
Ceded Reinsurance
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